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July 31, 2015
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Our CrawlSpace System Components

Waterproof Insulating Blanket
insulating blanket The primary insulated blacket that seals the foundation walls.

  • 100% waterproof - won't absorb moisture (The insulation value is reduced by 35% for every 1% of moisture absorbed by standard insulation). Prevents soil gas and water vapor from passing through foundation walls and into the crawl space air.
  • 99% pure aluminum backing prevents termites, rodents, and unwanted pest from chewing through it. Directs water seepage through block walls and footing area to soil beneath system.
  • No nesting support for rodents, bugs, and spiders. Safe to handle, non-toxic, non-irritating, bright white finish with 99% pure aluminum backing.
  • Prevents "sweating" of foundation walls (warm air can't pass through insulation and condense on cold walls). Reduces energy cost - available in R-values to fit your needs.
  • Won't support the growth of mold and mildew. Fire retardant - Class A/Class 1 fire rating with low smoke spread.

Soil Gas Shield
Soil Gas Liner The CrawlSpace Guys Crawl Space Sealing System uses a specilaized soil gas vapr barrier that prevents soil gas from entering your home from your crawl space.
  • Disperses soil gas beneath liner to ventilation pipe. Enhances water drainage beneath liner (acts like a layer of washed stone).
  • 100-mil thick -- protects liner, hands and knees. 100% polypropylene fibers - won't rot or decay.
  • Simple roll-out installation.

Floor Liner
Floor Liner The CrawlSpace Guys Floor Liner seals out moisture and humdity coming from the floor/soil. Our floor sheeting has a 99% pure aluminum backing that will never rot or decay and is moisture vapor and soil gas impervious.
  • Manufactured with bright white poly on one side and 99% pure aluminum on the other, with re-enforcing grid sandwiched in between.
  • Installed with white poly side facing up for a bright white finish.
  • The 99% pure aluminum backing will never rot or decay and is moisture vapor and soil gas impervious. The foil backing also assures that termites, rodents and unwanted pests won't eat through it.
  • The built-in reinforcing grill provides exceptional durability.
  • Fire retardant Class A/Class 1 rated with low smoke spread.

Soil Gas Ventilation Pipe
Soil Gas Ventilation Pipe The CrawlSpace Guys System vents soil and other gases safely into the environment and away from your home.
  • Collects soil gas from beneath liner and vents to outside.
  • Collection pipe installation along entire perimeter of crawl space.
  • Never needs maintenance, no moving parts.
  • Pressure relief vent pipe makes the task of sealing out soil gases a reality.

Air Floor Liner
Air Floor Liner Moisture, soil gas, and vapor-proof, our floor liner is manufactured with two layers of heavy-duty air bubble cushioning (these trapped air bubbles also insulate the floor) sandwiched between 99% pure aluminum foil on one side and heavy-duty white poly on the other. Installed with white poly side facing up for a very durable bright white finished floor.

  • The cushioning air bubbles will not "pop" and provide amazing comfort for high-use crawl spaces (i.e. storage of belongings). This product is also perfect for wrapping I-beams, pipes, sharp edges, etc. to provide protection against accidental bumping of head.
  • The 99% pure aluminum backing will never rot or decay and assures that termites, rodents, and unwanted pest won't eat through it.
  • It's also fire retardant Class A/Class 1 rated with low smoke spread.

Heat Shield
Air Floor Liner For added warmth and energy savings in colder climates, the CrawlSpace Guys recommend the use of our optional Heat Shield to keep the warmth in your home.

  • Reflects 95% of radiant heat rays.
  • 99% pure aluminum won't rot or decay.
  • Reduces overall heat loss through floors by over 50%.
  • Built-in fiber grid re-enforcing - simple staple-to-floor-joist installation.
  • Keeps living space floors comfortably warm.
  • Fire retardant - Class A/Class 1 fire rating with low smoke spread.
  • Bright white poly finish creates clean attractive crawl space ceiling

Moldable Roll Adhesive
Moldable Adhesive To seal those difficult spots and to insure an air tight seal, we use a moldable adhesive that can be molded to the exact dimensions and shape needed.

  • Attaches waterproof insulation blanket to wall and provides a moisture and soil gas proof seal.
  • Simple "peel-and-stick" application reduces installation time by over 50% (no more drilling and caulking).
  • Moldable, sticks to any clean-dry surface (great for sealing around pipe penetrations, floor support post, etc.)
  • Attaches floor liner to concrete or wood (i.e. when working around concrete pads in the crawlspace).
  • 188-mil thick, remains flexible under coldest conditions.
  • FDA and USDA approved for indirect food contact, non-toxic and odor free.

Sealing Tape
Sealing Tape To insure an air tight seal between liners, we use a specially designed permanent tape that will not peel or otherwise become detached

  • 4 inches wide, pressure sensitive, 9 mil white poly.
  • Permanently seals entry of moisture and soil gas.
  • Permanently attaches floor liner to insulating blanket.
  • Unaffected by storage items and human traffic.
  • A specially formulated solvent-based acrylic adhesive system.
  • Looks great with either of our floor liners.

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